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Resin Collection 2014


The Resin Collection 2014 is without exaggeration one of the most popular of the past years. Even though collectors could point out many favourite collections of Hildegard Günzel's creations, this collection is very special with many different characters. 


If you have questions to the here shown dolls or their availability, our retailers or our team at the manufacturing office will be at your assistance.



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Merit, Jenna und Phil

Resin Collection 2013

Lim. Edition: 100 each


A short autumn walk

The summer has ended and ist is time for warm clothing. Imagine a golden October colourful kites that will be carried by the breeze. Tiny swift squirrels that start to collect the fruits for the wintertime. The sweet doll children are dressed with scarfs and woolly hats, warm shoes and cute jumpers, ready to go for an autumn walk.





Little Merit shows a perfect symbiosis of the cute shape of her face and the beautiful, dark hair and eyes. She sets a fashionable highlight, and her toy fits perfectly to her clothing - a tiny golden teddy bear, that she is holding in her little hand. Merit is limited to 100 dolls.







Jenna is the more grown up friend of Merit and Phil. She impresses with her beautiful wavy hair and the detailed outfit that combines the lightness of romanticism with modern trends.  Jenna also carries her toy in shape of a tiny white teddy bear with her. Jenna is limited to 100 dolls.








A fantastic boy!


Boys sadly are very rare in the dolls world. Phil is an exception. He is trendy, modern and definitely one of our darlings at the manufacturing site. If you haven't got a boy jet, you will think about it once you have met him. But don't take too long cause Phil is also limited to only 100 dolls.






Isn't she cute? Jule is a hazy little summer child with funny pigtails. Jule's bright eyes and her sweet mouth are an eye catcher for collector's of the "classic doll darlings". Jule is also limited to 100 dolls and is looking forward to bring you all the joy.






Nele Baby    


Hildegard Günzel created little Nele two variations this year. Here you see Nele as a sugar sweet baby. She is sitting up and listening to you intent. She loves to play with her pink bunny rabbit. Nele conquered a lot of hearts already. Does your heart go out for our baby, too?







Nele, First Step 


Time flies and Nele is taking her first steps. Her little bunny rabbit remains to be her favourite play pal. A dear darling the way Nele is waiting for you in her cute dress. She is such a sweet little rascal.


Nele Baby and Nele First Step are limited to 100 all together.



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