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Porcelain Collection 2013


The Collection 2013 is full of highlights that will raise a collector’s heartbeat. From fantasy themes to history. From the artistic interpretation of fairy tales to the child’s charm of the "Belle Époque". This collection goes into a wide range and is evidence once again that Hildegard Günzel feels comfortable in many regions of art and history - creative and distinctively.


Here we would like take the opportunity to present you the Collection 2013 once again.


If you have questions to the here shown dolls or their availability, our retailers or our team at the manufacturing office will be at your assistance.



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The Princess and the Pea

Porcelain Collection 2013

Limited Edition: 20



Awarded by

Industry's Choice

2013 Dolls

Awards of Excellence

for the category

Artist Doll - More than $ 1.250




The Museum Edition


Cecilia Gallerani - "The Lady with the Ermine"

A homage to Leonardo da Vinci


"The Lady with the Ermine" is inspired

by one of four women portraits of the painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, which he created in the years 1489 until 1490. Since 1880 it is part of the collection of the Czartoryski Museum in Crakow/Poland. 


Cecilia Gallerani wears a historic gown. The dressing of this outstanding doll with her lavish robe take our professionals in the manufacturing site quite a bit oft time.


The Ermine (made by Vera Racke) seems true-to-life, don't you think?


Cecilia Gallerani is limited to 5 dolls.









Cecilia Gallerani - The Lady with the Ermine






     Aschenputtel           Dornröschen        Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse

Fairy Tales


The theme of fairy tales and legends is inexhaustible and will have a permanent space in doll creations.


2013 Hildegard Günzel surprised all of us with three beauties of the fairy tale world at once.  Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Princess and the Pea

are all having a beautiful facial expression and dreamlike successful accessories.


These three beauties are limited to 20 dolls each.



Fantasy and Enchantment


Égérie - Elfin of the white dragons


The enchanting Elfin of the white dragons is highlighting one of Hildegard Günzels trademarks. A "dream in white" is the centre of every exhibition and fair in the year 2013. 


Unmistakable there are style elements of the rococo flown into this work of art, without being intrusive. Playful and romantic dreaminess that still reflects a certainty in its statement. Égérie is limited to 15 dolls.








Égérie - Elfin of the white dragons











Little Lady's of the Upper Class


Eugénie - Comtesse de Montoire


She seems to have arisen from a novel, as she is playing with her tiny pixie. An attentive look from dark eyes. Enchanting, our Eugénie!





The splitting image of her epoche - little Frederike comes along with two of her darlings - a girl doll and a boy doll - that are ready to play with her.





This sweet girl is holding her bear friends in steady handy. "Where are you going just now?" you want to ask her.


These darlings are limited to 20 dolls each.




Enchanting differences


Maike - Manufacturing doll in three variations


Apparently looking like three different darlings these dolls are designed in different coloured variations of our little Maike. Our rosy cheek cuties have been made in the colours black, red and blonde not only with the matching hair- and eye colour, but also with their ribbons and accessories.  


Our little Maike is limited to 50 dolls.




Visti our Resin Collection 2013


 Porzellanpuppenmanufaktur [PPM] Hildegard Günzel